Voices Carry

Mission Statement: Voices Carry seeks to showcase the beauty, resilience, humanity, and inherent spirituality of queer people. It highlights all the ways that LGBTQ+ folks live full and authentic lives.

  • Youth holding rainbow flowers

What is Voices Carry?

Voices Carry is a mobile photographic art installation started by Southborough Safe Spaces (SBSS) and renowned photographer Chelsea Bradway of All Things Sparkley Photography. It is a passion project of SBSS that began in 2021 as a way to showcase the beauty, resilience, and real-life portrayal of LGBTQ+ people for our LGBTQ+ youth to witness. Voices Carry has evolved to become a powerful advocacy, outreach, and educational tool that has grown to over 250 photographs. In the summer of 2023, the project added two new photographers, Worcester Arts Council award winner Ray Bernoff and Cameron Hill. We strive to highlight all the ways that LGBTQ+ folks live full and authentic lives across the lifespan, often as examples and role models.  Each iteration of the Voices Carry installation is unique, every show expands as we photograph queer identifying individuals in each host community. Upcoming shows will feature digital and live storytelling components, offering viewers a glimpse into the origin stories that helped shape these amazing individuals into who they are today.