About Us

Reach us at southboroughsafespaces@gmail.com

Our Leaders:

~Dawn Sorensen, MID, PCC Director of Children’s Ministries

~Sarah Hile, LMHC, PCC Director of Senior High Youth Programs

~Sarah Whiteman, SSS Director of Marketing & Community Engagement 

Who we Are

We are made up of LGBTQ+ youth, friends, families, and allies from Southborough and the surrounding towns. All LGBTQ+ affirming youth are welcome to join. 

We offer support and community to youth in grades 6-12 and their families. Our focus is on sharing and learning about LGBTQ+ experiences in a safe and fun environment.  We hold youth-only and whole family events, and we gather for parents-only support as well.

We welcome diversity of perspective and diversity of beliefs, and we do not claim to hold universal truths about being LGBTQ+. Our experience is that LGBTQ+ people are spiritual beings, and we strive to incorporate that into our group discussions when the topic of spirituality comes up.  We value love over belief.  We know that as a community and as individuals, we are constantly evolving and expanding, and so are open to learning and growing.

Opportunities to Serve

As part of the Southborough Community, we take pride in giving back when we can. We are growing and active in our community and we are working on planning future events where we can be of service to others.  Past service events included making Christmas Cards for the LGBT Asylum Task Force in Worcester and The LGBTQ+ based Home for Little Wanderers in Boston.