About Us

The founders of SSS

Sarah Whiteman (she, her), Co-Founder

Sarah is a small business owner, Our Whole Lives facilitator, and LGBTQ+ advocate with certification in diversity, equity, and inclusion from Cornell University. Sarah’s SBSS specialties include nonprofit management, marketing and communications, community engagement, as well as development and donor relations. With a degree specializing in education, she has volunteered internationally promoting child welfare both at home and abroad. Sarah believes in the power of relationship, and focuses on bringing the whole family/community of care into the work of LGBTQ+ youth advocacy. As a life-long church leader, Sarah recognizes the importance of both mental and spiritual health within children, and helps kids develop a deeper spirituality. The promise of creating a world where every LGBTQ+ youth feels loved and accepted is a goal that keeps Sarah going.

Dawn Sorensen (she, they), Co-Founder

Dawn is a life-long LGBTQ+ activist who has been leading and developing LGBTQ+ organizations since 1992. As a staff member in the Office of Ministry Studies at Harvard Divinity School Dawn works with students pursuing Master of Divinity degrees. Certified in faith formation and trained in the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum, they feel at home facilitating youth groups and teaching youth about healthy relationships.

“I feel called to work in queer activism at the intersection of mind, body, and spirit, honoring the fullness of queer identity by working to heal the moral injury and religious trauma that many queer people face,” they said. “I also feel called to help religious institutions learn how to do no harm when it comes to queer inclusion.”

Sorensen’s role is to develop curriculum and programming, facilitate meetings, and plan outreach events that will allow queer youth to “experience themselves within a dominant culture of queerness that helps to facilitate shared dialogue and communal understanding,” she said. Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, providing resources, education, and care so that LGBTQ+ youth can flourish and spread their wings as happy, healthy adults are Dawn’s passions.

Reach us at admin@southboroughsafespaces.org