Our vision is a world in which queer youth voices are amplified, diverse identities are celebrated, and every queer young person experiences fundamental fairness and equality. We strive to create a society where parents are unquestionably understood as their LGBTQIA+ children’s strongest allies and fiercest advocates. We wish for these young people to understand how miraculous they are at every metamorphic stage, and to lead lives that are fulfilling and affirming. 

SBSS is intentionally interfaith & spiritually inclusive. We honor the significance and the connection between mind, body, and spirit as equal cornerstones of our being. This space for curious exploration is what makes our independent nonprofit organization unique. We enthusiastically partner with both secular and faith-based organizations that align with our core values and seek to support equality for all LGBTQIA+ people. We envision a more equitable world where all queer youth are believed and feel fully free to become their authentic selves.

Southborough Safe Spaces cultivates a community where every LGBTQIA+ young person is empowered to thrive and is equipped with the skills, tools, resources, and confidence to navigate life’s challenges. 


Every dollar of your gift goes directly to materials, meeting meals, and queer-specific programming for youth. Justice is love out loud, give with your heart.

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